90-day Jump Start program

Are you ready to have health, fitness, and vitality?

Do you want a body that is strong, healthy, energetic and looks great?

Then you might be ready to become your TRUE YOU!

90 - Day Breakthrough to Results Coaching & Personal Training Program!

Breakthrough to Results Coaching:

  • We start with a one 2 – hour in person or over zoom Breakthrough to Results Coaching Session. The purpose of this meeting is to gather information on your lifestyle, current exercise schedule, eating habits, health, wellness and fitness goals. (Please fill out questionnaire prior to meeting.)
  • At the beginning of each month Stacy will do a 30 – minute Coaching/Check in call to help you stay on track with your goals and make tweaks in your health and fitness plan.

Health and Fitness Plan:

  • Based on your initial meeting, Stacy will create a lifestyle, eating and exercise plan based on information gathered. This will include a plan for exercise and eating habits that will
    fit into your life and business lifestyle. This plan could include releasing weight, daily affirmations, meditations, exercise and weekly coaching plan. This initial plan will be sent to you for your review.

Personal Training Plan:

  • Stacy will create a workout / exercise plan based on your current level of fitness.
  • Each month you will have 2 in – person and 2 online workouts sessions with Stacy or 4 online sessions via Trainerize (Virtual Exercise Program online.)
  • Each week you will have coaching calls for 15 minutes each week to help you stay on track and move through challenges that come up.
  • You have c ell phone and email access to Stacy for support.

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