Jumpstart your Health, Fitness and Vitality!

LIVE Virtual Personal Training Sessions!

Take advantage of the “Shelter in Place” time to get in shape for SUMMER…Yes it will be coming soon!

Imagine your body, toned, strong and energized…

How would that effect your life and your business?

Confidence and energy can make a huge impact on your relationships and business!

45-Minute LIVE Virtual Group Sessions

All you need is a mat and a few weights.

We will work with what you have at home!

Only $10.00 a workout or $32.00 for 5 workouts!

Special runs now until April 31st

See Schedule

  • Date
  • Tuesday March 31st
    1:00-1:45 PM PST
    Boot Camp – Overall Workout
  • Wednesday April 1st
    7:00-7:45 AM PST
    Leg Focused Workout
  • Thursday April 2nd
    5:00 PM PST
    Arm Focused Workout
  • Tuesday April 7th
    1:00-1:45 PM
    Arm Focused Workout
  • Wednesday April 8th
    7:00 AM-7:45 AM
    Arm Focused Workout
  • Thursday April 9th
    5:00-5:45 PM
    Arm Focused Workout
  • 5 Workouts for $32.00

Stacy works with men and women new to fitness, getting back into shape or going to their next level! She starts where you are and helps you create new habits and workouts to reach your fitness goals. Look and feel great in 2020!

Denise H.
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Stacy is a great coach! She listens to what your goals are and crafts a comprehensive, personalized plan to help you achieve it. She’s fun to work with and is a wealth of information. Did I mention fun? Your workouts will be enjoyable and productive. You’ll love your results, and you’ll love Stacy’s Tru You coaching.

Call or email Stacy Weber to book your sessions!

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