Founder of Tru You Consulting

Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Law of Attraction Empowerment Coach & Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Stacy Weber, founder of Tru You Consulting. The creation of my company is the result of my passion to inspire women to realize their inner power and beauty, and to create a life they love! I’m a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with Certifications in Weight Loss Management and Fitness Nutrition. I also train sales teams to create a focused positive daily mindset that aligns people to have more productivity and business success. My specialty is working with women in their 30’s-60’s to develop their inner power to create what they desire. Many times women struggle with balancing family, career and finding time for themselves. By using the Law of Attraction, I guide women to align their minds, bodies and spirits to create overall well-being, success and flow in their lives.

For more than 26 years I was in the beauty industry specializing in sales, sales leadership and management. I built a strong track record of accomplishments in both direct sales and territory leadership, resulting in dynamic sales teams. I led the training efforts to inspired my team to accomplish their goals. I always knew if I believed and focused on what I wanted I could have it! In sales meetings, I loved helping my team realize that their minds were powerful and that they could believe in possibilities. However, my life wasn’t without struggle and stress. There were many times I wished weeks of my life away to get to weekends to find relief and happiness. I thought to myself, “Is this how it will always be?” For many years, I thought, “There has to be an easier way to meet my goals and to be happier! I knew life shouldn’t always be a struggle!”

Drama seems to come in to give a jolt when things need to change! This is what happened to me! All of the sudden my husband wanted a divorce! I thought, “Why is this happening to me?” “What did I do to deserve this?” This was the most devastating thing that had ever happened to me! However, I learned a great deal from this situation. I found my inner strength and learned how to forgive and let go of the anger that was only hurting me. It was a catalyst for me to look in a different direction for my life!

I will inspire you to think differently, to think without limits, to develop a positive mindset for a new focus. You’ll have the tools and roadmaps you need, and know how to use them.

I’m committed to helping you realize your dreams to have everything you want. I know you can because I have seen it happen in my life and to many others with whom I’ve worked. Please allow me to help you on your journey. The next step is to allow all the good to come into your life! Let’s get excited together about your new possibilities!

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